Since the early 1980s, the Society has regularly published monographs on various aspects of Ottawa's history in its Bytown Pamphlet series. These monographs are available free to members and through the Ottawa Public Library and Library and Archives Canada. We are currently in the process of scanning and digitizing older pamphlets to make them more accessible to the general public. If you wish to receive a hard copy of a pamphlet that has not yet been uploaded to the Sociey's website, please contact George Neville at 613-729-0579, or Alternatively, contact the HSO by mail or email. (Click here.) The price varies depending on the length of the particular monograph and the cost of postage, but is typically no more than a few dollars.

The first introductory pamphlet produced by the Historical Society of Ottawa contains excerpts from an address on the history of the Society given by E.M. Taylor before the Ontario Genealogical Society (Ottawa Branch, March 22, 1976.

26.  D. J. Conway, Ottawa - The History of Pediatric Health Care

27.  V. Campbell, Elizabeth Bruyere's Great Legacy

28.  G. J. L. Davies, The May Court Dispensary & Related Institutions

29.  F. Hirsch, The Provincial Election of 1848

30.  E. P. Laberge, Philemon Wright - A Yankee Who Helped Build Canada

31.  M. R. Redcliffe, The Resolute Frontiersman

32.  A. F. Dewar, The Last Days of Bytown

33.  S. C. Bateman, J. R. Booth - Ottawa Valley Lumber Baron

34.  G. V. Cortland, Records of the Rise and Progress of the City of Ottawa

35.  M. Newton, Some Notes of Bytown and the Fur Trade

36.  G. Lamoureux, Emile Brunet - Sculptor

37.  R. F. McMillan, The Rideau Canal Before 1900 - Notes and Illustrations

38.  P. Craske, The Early Days of Fire Fighting in Ottawa

39.  F. Hirsch, The Bytown Mechanics Institute

40.  E. St. John, The Graphic Publishers Ltd.

41.  P. Craske, Early Law Enforcement in Bytown/Ottawa

42.  C. Carroll, Moss Kent Dickinson - King of the Rideau

43.  S. McDonald, Memories of a Family Business in Ottawa

44.  L. Tresham, Bytown and The Cholera Epidemic of 1832

45.  W. P. Lett, The Transition of Bytown to Ottawa

46.  P. Kitchen, The Dey Brothers' Rinks - Home to The Senators

47.  L. Shaw, The Cockburn Pointer Boat

48.  B. O'Regan, Pioneer Inns & Taverns - Ottawa Valley Stopping Places

49.  L. Jeffs, Rushing Forth - Ottawa Council of Women 1894 - 1904

50.  R. Begin, Aylmer's British Hotel

51.  J. Hargreaves, Amy Carr & Lady Taschereau

52.  C. Newall, Hintonburg - Working Class Suburb

53.  T. Bedford-Jones, St. Alban's Parish

54.  D. Grierson-Hope, James Ferguson - A Bytown Pioneer

55.  K. Kitchen, L. Messier, J. Sadler, Bradish Billings - An Early Ottawa Entrepreneur

56.  R. Phillips, Richard Thompson, The Queen's Scarf & the Chelsea Cemetery

57.  J. McCrostie, Being Poor in Ottawa in the Winter of 1891

58.  G. Murphy, Titanic Disaster Claims Canadian Railway Legend - Charles Melville Hays

59.  P. Moffatt, Volunteering at the Bytown Museum 1970-1991

60.  Matt Snyder, Ninety-four Years of the Ottawa Journal

61.  Lady Veronica Goodenough, Earnscliffe

62.  Col. Strome Galloway, Ottawa's Military History

63.  J. Bacic, The Influenza Epidemic of 1918 in Ottawa

64.  Steven Artelle, The Last Days of Archibald Lampman

65.  M. Wood, 407 Wilbrod Street, Australia House

66.  Shaun Bugyra, Match Penalty (Demise of the Senators)

67.  Clifford Scott, Science in Ottawa

68.  D. McDermid, The Fur Trade and the Counties of Stormont,
Dundas & Glengarry

69.  H. H. Sills, The Raising of the PPCLI in Ottawa

70.  Mike Nelles, Pre-Confederation Health Care In Bytown

71.  Mike Nelles, Steamboats on the Rideau Canal

72.  Dr. A.J. Christie/ George A. and Iris M. Neville, Rideau Canal & Bytown Memoranda

73.  Elizabeth V. Krug, J. Bowes & Son, Architects in Ottawa

74.  Benjamin Sulte (transl. Iris Neville), The History of Joseph Montferrand, The Canadian Athlete; aka Joe Mufferaw

75.  Joseph Temple, Charles Lindbergh's Ottawa Visit

76.  Peter G. Anderson, Ottawa School Gardens In The Early 1900's

77.  Michael Gagne, “Our Open Spaces Link Us Together”: Greenspace and Community Identity in Alta Vista, 1950-2005

78.  Timothy Osborne, Bellwood Mobile Home Park

79.  Don Carrington, Windfall: the Badge Story

80.  Lillian Scott Desbarats, Recollections Book 1- Elizabeth Residence and Laurier House

81.  Lillian Scott Desbarats, Recollections Book 2 - Chapel Court, Union Mission, T. D. McGee

82.  Lillian Scott Desbarats, Recollections Book 3 - Irish Settlers, Earnscliffe, Sir Richard Scott

83.  Clifford Scott, Robert Bell, A Man For All Seasons

84.  Lillian Scott Desbarats, Recollections Book 4, Some Old Houses in Sandy Hill

85.  Ed Bebee, The James Sutton Elliott Story: Turmoil and Tragedy

86.  Robert Serré, Early History of Ottawa's Sandy Hill

87.  Kurt Johnson, Some 1812 Richmond Soldiers/Settlers

88.  Dave Mullington, To Be Continued...A short history of the Historical Society of Ottawa

89.  Salvatore Pantalone, Growing up in « La Colonia »

90.  George Chapman, Remember: England, France, Belgium (1914-18)

91.  Ian Browness and Cynthia Coristine, The Bate Brothers of Ottawa, Booklet 1: The Brothers' Circuitous Path to Bytown

92.  Ian Browness and Cynthia Coristine, The Bate Brothers of Ottawa, Booklet 2: Charles "C.T." Bate: Merchant, Mayor & More

93.   Ian Browness and Cynthia Coristine, The Bate Brothers of Ottawa, Booklet 3: Sir Henry Newell Bate & Family: A Civic Legacy

94.  Frances M. Slaney, The Canadian Museum of Civilization: A brief history from its 19th century origins to its recent demise

95.  Mary MacGregor, From Garden Suburb to Garbage Dump: Thomas Adams' Forgotten Plan for Old Ottawa South

96.  Doris Grierson Hope, Griersons of Torbolton

97.  M. Moore, The Politics of Commemoration & The Failure of the Davin Memorial Project

98. Christine F. Jackson, From Steamboats to the NHL: The Ottawa Valley's Cowley Family

99. Tyler Owens, A Mayor's Life: John Scott, First Mayor of Bytown (1824-1857)

100. Diana Pepall, Canada's Bletchley Park: The Examination Unit in Ottawa's Sandy Hill, 1941-1945

101. Glenn Wright, Controversy, Compromise and Celebration: The History of Canada's National Flag

102. Elizabeth V. Krug, Martin O'Gara, Ottawa's First Irish Catholic Police Magistrate, 1863-1899

103. George A. Neville, Loyalist Land Grants Along the Grand (Ottawa) River, 1788

104. Doris Grierson Hope, Our "Capitol" Wrens

105. James Powell & Bryan D. Cook, When Ottawa Welcomed the Empire through a Yorkshireman's Lens


On occasion, the Society publishes substantive research in the form of a book. To order, please contact George Neville at 613-729-0579, or Alternatively, contact the HSO by mail or email. (Click here.)

  1. Bryan Cook, Introducing William Pittman Lett, Ottawa's First City Clerk and Bard, 1819-1892; 2015. [The price of this book is $25.]
  2. R. Forbes Hirsch, The Commissariat; 1982.
  3. Robert Legget, Sights and Surveys – Eyewitness accounts by two men who drew up the survey for the Rideau Canal in 1826; 1979
  4. W.P. Lett, Lett’s Bytown; 1979
  5. Dave Mullington, To Be Continued . . . A Short History of The Historical Society of Ottawa; 2013 Edwin Welch, Yankees and Loyalists; 1979. [The price of this book is $15.]
  6. Glenn Wright, Controversy, Compromise and Celebration: The History of Canada’s National Flag (Controverses, compromis et célébrations: L’histoire du drapeau national du Canada) [The price of this book is $10 for members, $15 for non-members.]